Dec 3, 2008

What Are Some disadvantages of VoIP?

If you're considering replacing your traditional telephone service with VoIP, there are some possible differences:

• Some VoIP services don't work during power outages and the service provider may not offer backup power.

• Not all VoIP services connect directly to emergency services through 9-1-1. For additional information, see

• VoIP providers may or may not offer directory assistance/white page listings.

What Are Some Advantages of VoIP?

Some VoIP services offer features and services that are not available with a traditional phone, or are available but only for an additional fee. You may also be able to avoid paying for both a broadband connection and a traditional telephone line.

If I have VoIP service, who can I call?

Depending upon your service, you might be limited only to other subscribers to the service, or you may be able to call anyone who has a telephone number - including local, long distance, mobile, and international numbers. If you are calling someone who has a regular analog phone, that person does not need any special equipment to talk to you. Some VoIP services may allow you to speak with more than one person at a time.

VOIP Mobiles Cost

The cost of VoIP can vary depending on the provider you choose, there are many different schemes to choose from

Calls will cost you a fraction of the current cost, to send a text will cost half a penny.

Call Costs based on Skype from anywhere in the world to:

India GBP £0.088 – USD $ 0.154

Australia GBP £0.012 – USD $ 0.021

Australia - Mobile GBP £0.116 – USD $ 0.203

China GBP £0.012 – USD $ 0.021

China - Mobile GBP £0.012 – USD $ 0.021

USA GBP £0.012 – USD $ 0.021

United Kingdom GBP £0.012 - USD $ 0.021

United Kingdom - Mobile GBP £0.144 – USD $ 0.253

At current 2006 calls to USA mobiles and land lines from a UK VoIP are free.